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Slice Intelligence

an homage to data visualization

Partnering with Putnam Studio, I crafted a custom suite of illustrations for Slice Intelligence. They wanted a unique style that would honor the technological side of their work as well as stand as an homage to their data-driven mission. We landed on a style that was abstract, geometric, and a throwback to classic IBM data design. I used largely non-subjective shapes in energetic compositions to convey data flow and tech processes. I developed a toolkit of specific shapes that I reused to suggest a likeness between all illustrations as well as add energy and visual interest to compositions. See the full library of illustrations on Slice's website.

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Shape Language 

In crafting a style that would stretch across many  products and pages, I had to create a shape language that would allow for consistency and flexibility. Basic geometric shapes are used as background elements to create energy and variety while keeping compositions balanced. Larger elements are predominately color fills that allude to data visualizations. These larger elements exist in a faux three-dimensional space with low relief.  

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