Made + Reclaimed



Made + Reclaimed is a New York based business that creates home goods using repurposed materials. M+R contacted me in regards to creating a logo and preliminary set of brand guidelines. In bringing this to life, I focused on the sophistication and softness of the goods themselves which ranged from planters to macrame hangings.



The primary thought behind Made + Reclaimed's product line is pulling inspiration from craft materials that are readily available and repurposing them into something new. In initial logo sketches and explorations, I focused on organic and simple craft materials for inspiration, like rope, sea glass, and stones. I pulled muted earthy and pastel tones. Eventually we settled on a knotted rope for the logo, which in itself represents the idea of repurposing.

Some additional vector explorations that didn't quite make the cut.

Some additional vector explorations that didn't quite make the cut.


Brand Book

I decided that photographic and realistic textures would feel appropriate and sit next to other brand assets nicely. The brand book suggests using a photographic direction that is muted and organic, that will allow the goods themselves to shine. I implemented the Univers type family for this brand, as a structurally solid but somewhat subdued typeface was needed that would not overpower existing design elements. I also wanted to pair the soft shapes and colors of the logo with a more rigid, masculine typeface.