Earnest Illustration

technical + accessible 


During my time at Earnest, I took charge on most illustration projects. I put to use my brand expertise as well as first hand working knowledge of the design & company culture to craft an illustration guide for the rest of my team as well as future designers. 

We wanted to create a visual language that echoed Earnest's data-driven mission while maintaining a friendly appeal. I worked with the product design team to identify areas of the product and flow where illustration would function as a means of relaying important information, and where it would serve to add emotional value.


 Illustration Guide

Once we had nailed down an illustration style, I collected all of the visual rules that defined the style into a guidebook. As a financial institution, Earnest needed all design decisions to be tight and intentional in order to build credibility continuously. This attention to detail trickled down to the illustration guide as I implemented strict rules about stroke width, concept, usage, and icon styles.


In use

These icons and illustrations populated the website as well as parts of the product. They appeared on marketing pages to create delight and add visual interest and appeared within the product to explain a financial concept or cheer on a loan applicant.

Artboard 1@2x.png