Working with 1099 Group, I helped to create a suite of illustrations for Airbnb. Airbnb wanted an own-able illustration style that would blend seamlessly with their existing typography as well as their logo, the Bélo. These illustrations needed to be friendly, organic, approachable, and airy to add a feeling of ease to certain product flows.

Artboard 14_@2x.jpg


Almost all of these illustrations were begun with a hand-drawn sketch. This way, the final vector lines maintained a feeling of fluidity. Starting with a sketch allowed us to make decisions about where rendered objects landed on a spectrum of realism to minimalism. The background objects were more geometric and minimal while focal points remained more organic and handmade.

Artboard 1 copy 5.jpg


All objects within this style float in an airy, minimalist landscape. This allows the focal point of each illustration to really shine, whether it be a friendly interaction, or an energetic cityscape. The linework is predominately organic, while built upon some geometric shapes. The organic lines allow the illustrations to feel friendly, while the geometry gives the illustrations structure and form. All of this combines allows the illustrations to feel familiar and accessible.



The smaller illustrations follow the same rules as the larger illustrations: organic and geometric shapes paired harmoniously. The color fill offsets require an even higher level of detail and intention the smaller the illustrations scale.

Asset 1@2x.png

on the web

This style works great for header images, as well as smaller icons that brighten up a page and add visual interest. The icon functions here within a tooltip, to assist in explaining the onboarding process.